Wednesday, 8 March 2017


sunday afternoon innit
a hungover nowhere
mind in the biscuit tin

drive down southend pool hall
sky grey as carpark cement

conversations a heavy cloud
that wont rain will it

dust floats in pool halls green gloom
there is no time
down backstairs a nightclub waits for dark 
( or a darkclub
  waits for night )

soft drinks and cigarettes innit
i am in a reformed bubble
feel like spam dont i

last nights dried onto my jeans
last nights memories are grainy 
theyre a bad fit

( i remember - 
  childhood beach days 
  kodachrome colours
  wet tiles on toilet floor
  abrasive sand in short socks
  that sharp band of stones before the surf
  a fish and chip restaurant after 
  near a wall falling down ) 

hit the balls with the stick
tie crisp bags into bows
dont ever win do i

later fish and chips takeout
whisky and beer
sit in 
tv on innit
the words rain
its all softer now
dusk allows a vibe dont it
getting fucked up early doors

tomorrow is monday you see
and we have to pretend dont we
to give the week a chance

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