remember to write from the lions balls and the monkeys heart,
remember to write from the sentient head and the limbic machine,
remember to write from the dirty forecourt corners and the world anus and the concrete moon,
remember the sky is identical with itself,
remember to use good words; pistol, nurse, veil, scotch kiss, bond, animal, woman,
remember use WERDS you know and we all know,
remember lorca and his lexicon of zoos and safari,
remember drawing pens and rich thick paper,
remember to stretch out in the dark across town,
remember to drink but be bigger than drink,
remember to say it only once, or a 100 times, but nothing in between,
remember to write to hunters on horses and soldiers in wars and the weak and the furious and the mad,
remember to write from birth to the bedroom, the kitchen to kings cross corners, the sofa to the sea,
remember to read, remember not to over do it,
remember to CROSS IT OUT IF ITS SHIT, remember to check,
remember doing nothing is important, remember writing is too,
remember to say NO so you got time to write, remember to say YES so you got something to say,
remember to be right, remember to be simple
remember everything is permissible here on wired earth,
remember to own yourself at night and to spell out your survival,
remember to LIVE,
remember your heart and say it out in WERDS,
remember to change . . . and wash