Friday, 23 April 2021



leonard cohen 

rode a lion

big as aslan

in from the nodding corn

thru a street  
caveat-heavy dead


new york 
art deco

light as buddha 
compassion poesy

lined his sentinel wake

photo - Garbage Flare from the Dagenham Archive

Thursday, 22 April 2021


we lay like lushingtons
beneath rubys crown of splinters
& roses from summer slumber
turned her lips to frozen winters

the summer & its rain
combined her cool choices
& sang sweet sad disdain
on the earths breath & voices

despite the fire & the air
her body holds only water
we are landmass lost in mist
with autumns only daughter

the white peaks of winter
mock summers muggy troughs
one is in the others hand
promising spring & loss

in the day & the night
the wonderminds call it out
louder than the fifth angel
in the sunshine & the dark


theres burning & a glow
the fickle flicker of flame
theres two faces on fire
ruby ashes is her name

the only difference
between the love & the pain
is one is the other
& the other is the same

in the first taste & the last
bump bump hearts beat the same
mouths dry with nervous ashes
as our wonderminds go insane

the only difference
between her land & our sea
is our air & her water
are where each other should be

our handling of the meat
& our touching of the soul
will live forever together
if ruby ashes forgets her role


the only difference
between our love & our pain
is it hurts to be in love
& love loves to breed in pain

the last stab & first loss
bump bump hearts still pump the same
tears wet on rubys lashes
yes our wonderminds gone insane

ruby claims perfection
so we prove her perversion
& if we knew her soul & shoes
we would treat her with aversion

slowed & agitated
needing ruby to come to us
& with doubt but in memory
ruby comes without much fuss

she invades to surrender
red carpet of red ashes
a surprise night for our shoes
before bloody dawn crashes


close rubys heavy calm
is an eye away like anger
seems to be soothing our pain
but she moves like stranger

the wonderminds are looming
over ruby whos believing
in myxomatosis & acid rain
& the lives no ones leading

unaware of our power
smiles sabotage success
its mean & its tolerant
to dance with worry in our breast

so the blood & the sun
ruby ashes tastes them both
we stumble & fall on feet of brass
fathers undead son is the heavenly ghost

sounding to the depths of hell
rubys music rises to deaf gods
mans neat & portable ideas
are written with flame in the floods


ruby ashes has the keys
to both our life & our death
'i am the first & the last'
ruby ashes smiling said

ruby is the people
& her wisdom dies with her
upright man laughs in scorn
at the east wind blows inside her

ruby ashes gone now
& we take a long lone walk
down the empty corridor
time used to fill with talk

the skirting & a plug
mock wonderminds from below
for ruby has gone out now
leaving us stranger & low

pressure of modern life
& the fiction of abstention
is power to rubys teaching
then theres the bromide connection


& demon bromide comes
angry when we drink the coin
our laughter & our screaming
demon bromide binds into one

& if she takes our arm
her fingers sound the alarm
because ours is the danger
& ruby has bromide calm

& her hands & her hair
tangle up wonderminds in fear
for ruby is with bromide
& they know that we are here

& monsters from the sea
count their horns in disbelief
take bromide to the blue depths
leaving ruby free to speak

but wonderminds are insane
rubys lost the angles
& touches our naked brains instead
with cancer & sweet angels

photo Tech & Trees #4 from the Dagenham Archive

Wednesday, 21 April 2021


our neon vegas horizon

quiet degeneration
with a fork stuck in it

the nights cliche mask

backlit sepia compass

black mirror (not tv - art)



take soup out the freezer

bleed the rad

photo Scaffold Blob #8 from the Dagenham Archive

Tuesday, 20 April 2021


thinking about hubris
the things leather makes

dire straits in my ears & land

& i wonder if californias 
gone earthquake shopping yet 
for rubber japanese foundations


an image flickers 
like a super 8 reel
of a cut-up speed freak
scrubbing his doorstep 
with vinegar from a dog bowl
& the same raggedy toothbrush
all day every methedrine day

his lover hides his despair
in the outline of sun-up surf
his hopes stashed on a chisel edge 

photo - Outline from the Dagenham Archive

Monday, 19 April 2021


the barmaid
  she was queen 
  of the boilermaker parade

  she had killed a man
  with a poison round
  of atlanta fanta

  in pittsburg 
  in illinois
  in the aleutians 

all across the usa


  she confessed her crime
  to a relative of mine
  never scared at the time
  that he would ever tell

& out of his tree
  he only told me

  you see -

  he drank too much wine
  deep in the dream time
  if he hadnt
  he couldve ruined 
  the sandmans dance & rhyme 

& anyway
  mercy the sandman be

photo - Texture Tree #7 from the Dagenham Archive