Tuesday, 21 March 2017


where is a great empty space 
a space
where politics is irrelevant 

antarctica ? 

with herzogs aztec king
and lovecrafts 6 foot penguins 

my mind conveniently left me 

the birds shat onion grass under the apple tree
and that bee big as a golfball that got inside 
well i got him out again

wrote something 
something good enough
something worthy enough
to read aloud
in a soft english meadow naked all the way to space 
coloured with nodding buttercups and patchwork dairy cows

i called it wire in the glass
i called it the veal and the chicken
i called it the moon men from mars

i put a note in my diary-
find meadow it says

then i count the bruise shades
in the killed grey sky
waiting for the streetlights to come on

theyre new lights theyre white now
and out the front round the sunflower fence
it looks like theres always an oncoming car

Image result for meadow images

from nationalparks.gov.uk

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