Tuesday, 28 March 2017


  why would i force a nobody somebody
   out of the nowhere firmament 
 to see the best we could be 
  but to live in the worse that we are 

    when modern life is spermicide ?

   but this does not make me feel 
 like a full stop or period
    but rather an exclamation mark
 with maybe a hint of a question
        strictly rhetorical 

      and i am embarrassed by my world
       or rather by us 
   endlessly digging in her wounds
      and afraid i cannot laugh

   when modern life is spermicide

 it seems to me we are camped out
         in pimped out caravans 
       having a last holiday 
     at the end of the world

      living a euthanasia
   of karaoke and football
        our only heroes on tv

Image result for restaurant at the end of the universe
from redbubble.com

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