Tuesday, 3 January 2017


i got too many computers.  
dont know HOW i got so many computers.
i been GIVING them away.

try telling that to a ten year old me as he watched in horror and awe at S***** P**** kicking his vic20 to death on the school yard concrete.  
that was 198? - deep in teacher strikes and the schools on fire ! grey smoke damaged text books to learn about crop rotation and the War of Some Roses for the rest of our school sentence.

you HAVE to go too.  
dont you ?  
illegal not too.  
but after ?  
not allowed in AT ALL.  
i'd love to go sit at those crummy desks.  
walk those halls.  
and feeling relief its all over.

i did once.  
after the pub.  
we hoped a fence.  
walked round the buildings.  
tried a window.  
we climbed in.  
sat in our old seats as best we could remember them.  
had a nose up the corridor.  
them left and went to smoke weed on the hockey pitch.

silent alarm wasnt there ?

see blue lights flashing off concrete walls.  
torches swinging round the blocks.  
we went off the hockey pitch to the hedgerows next to the farmland. crouched down.  
SO pleased we'd left. 
and not sauntered deeper in.

cant go back.

i use them but still i get a cramp up my back stairs that i have to WRITE out with pencils and paper.

it even smells good.

and the best place to keep books is the bathroom.  
did you know that ?  
stops them drying out and the glue going dry and yellow and wrong like all my old Bond paperbacks.

Image result for bond paperback images
from www.thebookbond.com

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