Monday, 2 January 2017


yes we got TONNES of free porn now.
on the pcs and phones.
portable porn.  

WHY do we need that ?  

and i seen it all.  
seen all the porn.  
all of it.  
but without really looking.  

i never inhaled the porn.


and more TV than we can watch.  
black boxes know our favourite shows.
like a realworld friend would. 

tv -
it really exploded didnt it ?  


all the shows a sensation.
another thing you HAVE to see.  
only it isnt.
theyre not.
and you dont.  


contrived voyeuristic dramas wearing a mirrored reality hat.  
like walking out at dusk.
looking in all the front windows before the curtains are pulled.  

yeah right - 
in David Lynch land.


some shows tho have balls.  
analgesic balls of newmyth and apocryphal truth.  
shows i'd like to live in.  
such sweet safe worlds.  
insulated from danger.  
lightning wands.  
cancelled shows that i'd save that last episode unwatched. 

just so there would be one more.


and where do we go to breath like the animals do ?  
the gym ?
our breath is a vehicle for the relentless moanology.  
we all got Firsts in that one.

maybe we all need dogs to walk US.

come mute animals - 
reteach us instinct on the raw soil ground.

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