Saturday, 9 September 2017


with an old mobile
that needs constant recharging
you carry the charger everywhere
stick it in the socket at Pret
or the office desktop

what if your charger
is your bedroom ?

and when it starts up again
its sluggish and unresponsive
and the one pale battery bar
feels like a lie

what if that phone
is like you at breakfast ?

once it starts up
you know you wont have power for long
so you quickly send a text or two
anxiously watching
to check they actually send

what if that's
how you talk ?

it wont cope with streaming media
no oomph left for modern apps
but you can play Snake still
for a little while anyway

what if you hate Snake
and Snake is your holiday ?

and the ringer and the alerts
are feeble bleeps
and you wouldn't make 3 minutes
with an actual call

what if that call
is your family Xmas ?

you wind the brightness down
you turn off push notification
you take the back off
you pull the battery out
you warm it up on a rad
you leave it in vinegar
and all sorts of other
half-arsed hopeful tricks

what if that's your
endocrine system ?
your limbic system ?
your guts ?

and you don't want a new phone
cos its not that old
so you take it to the phone shop
and they say look
put roaming back on
put push alerts back on
put updates back on
they say look
with all that off
it might save you battery time
but you've de-conditioned it
when you should have maintained
DON'T do ANYTHING with it
you read online

what if that's your Dr ?

maybe in the past
you topped up the charge too often
maybe its had a rough run
bouncing about with no case
maybe in pockets with keys and change
and there's all the times
it was left in the sun
at festivals and barbecues
beer splashes wiped away
with a t shirt sleeve

what if there's no clear reason
that you can find ?

and you remember all the times
it ran red hot after 5 min calls
and you remember the first day
you took it off charge in the morning
and it was almost dead still
and all your texts were gone
and all your contacts had disappeared
and you knew then
you couldn't depend on it anymore

what if that's
your memory ?
your mental agility ?
your lexicon ?

and every time you use it
you got a nasty feeling
you're only making it worse
cos you don't really know
do you ?

what if that's you
your body
life ?

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