Monday, 16 April 2018


relegated crowded corners
empty of troubadours and friends

suck it
use it

yellow page overspill
damp with repurposed
crooners and enforcers

a tigress
on a tv morning sofa
calls time out
on the endless night

suck it
use it

receive a writing post
in the crapshoot fallout
of academy failure

standard issue black dog
humps at your leg

suck it
fake it

coronation crown
of derelict farm mist
laid without ceremony
on your soft tissue fog bank

abandoned mental ward gloom
loams and foams
where heartwood should be

suck it
wear it

rattle your rockets
in your mfi silo
launch nasa challenge 
into the giddy
mouth-breather wind

and if you find it all 
a stagnant informant pool
with nets and mops and drags 
stacked in veteran formation

suck it
use it

and pin old dirt
like beacons like badges
new sores
rich vein

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