Monday, 19 March 2018


1.   moan about broadcast tv

2.   lament the prevalence 
     of The Screen these days

2a.( imply These Days
     are an aftermath )

2b.  capitalise the wrong words
     to make them the right words

3.   detail too 
     The Screens 
     essential escape

3a.( mention the tv glass people
     as buckowski called them 
     while keeping 
     buckowski references 
     to a minimum )

3b.( call buckowski chinaski
     so people know you know stuff )

4.   pick a childhood memory

     eg buttered crumpets
     after wednesday swimming

5.   then pick from the following-
     shopping mall
     block paving
     the still blacktop river
     our dim monkey paws

5a.  pick what you like here
     have some fun 
     trees / hats are good ones

6.   bring up
     some forgotten
     something or other
     senses maybe ?  pack dependency ?

7.   draw a line 
     between nature
     and us
     loudly wondering WHY

7a.  then smudge it with
     ancient astronauts
     and the nephilim

8.   coin a phrase
     about humanity
     eg carbon chess 

9.   what did the postman bring ?
     books ?
     a bill ?

10.  use a couple of these ?
     and one or two of these -
     and a /

11.  and delete them in disgust
     to add again
     after lunch
     with the resignation
     of mature acceptance

12.  then
     cut-up territory
     but accidentally
     come up with a satisfying rhyme

     or not
     not forcing it is fine

11.  mention time of course
     maybe like its a cake
     stale outside
     soggy inside
     so only the cream is the cream

12.  sign off with a line
     that undermines the whole

12a. or with a line that doesnt
     or a line thats ambiguous
     or a line from out of nowhere

13.  pretend to be a movie
     count your grey pubes
     in public

     thats it ! number 13
     ignore the rest 

     pretend to be a movie
     count your grey pubes
     in public

14.  youre allowed to stop now

15.  then spellcheck
     tutting at the 
     ignorant suggestions

16.  add a semi-relevant pic
     credit it as best you can

17.  share online

18.  rest


19.  and repeat tomorrow
     you die
     or dont

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