Wednesday, 3 October 2018


no one walks into an alley like this alley
not here
not tonight
not in this part of this town

sky forbids stars
traffic is hushed

its well lit 
but so what ?
rot spreads

painted words
on cement walls
harsh illiterate faded true
but so what ?
mutants and sheep

under my boots is
the busted plastic corners
of a busted music cassette

magnetic tape giddy and sleek and brown
unspooled into the shape of wind

a busted music cassette
i think
that takes me back
oh yes
that takes me back

but so what ?
its over now

i got a piece of lead pipe
its all i need
get it done

i smoke butt after butt
like each is my last butt

theres yesterdays paper
trapped between the breeze
and a hard place

obits make the front pages these days
and i feel like
yes i feel like
we are saying goodbye
to the 20th c
day by day 

but so what ?
thin sliced meat

i throw my butt
edge my shoes into the dirty white light

i got a piece of lead pipe
its all i need

i see a shadow at the other end
i wonder if its who its meant to be

and if that matters
any more

finish it
rot spread

and so what ?
get it done

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