Monday, 9 July 2018


movies fill holes
like tide coming in

hot woman
with a
hot man

cookie cutter heroes
lift up
mired boats again

hip beards
evil beards

required motion supplied

we all know an AK
by sight by now

a wilhelm scream
a howie long scream

a holiday sun 
beach with bar

the blue surf 
goes blood red



steampunk looking bomb
physicist gets one line

pointless twist
plot goes personal

all say-
never make it personal

a techno porn parade



rogue dog

back story-
dont blink

every gun makes noise
when touched or moved

he follows orders
when it suits

hip beard shaved
cia like the look

evil beards stay

rogue dog shaves
has unholy practice


every tyre squeals
impossible on gravel

leather dufus
got keys
on neckchain

cover is marriage
no rehearsal
no trade craft

works without rings

stories in glass
are booze
in bottle

revenge is trigger
revenge becomes work

impromptu party
drunk pratfalls

all stone cold sober
when alarm sounds


red-tailed hawk
castle thunder

canned dreams
canned dreamers

poirot looking beast
primes orion
ahead of schedule
with a nod

a goofy holler
a common loon

stealth is easy
with sound man
on your side


cliche is
sometime comfort

shes a goodie
shes a baddie
shes a good baddie

too deep
kill her off

no grey areas
cool watch
deep voice

mad dog meets new pup

crazy training
pays obvious dividend


everyone has 
a zippo to spare
come the arson scene

red trouser henchman
easy to follow
is no competition

sugar glass explodes
flag pole escape

local mob involved

veteran legend
meets mossad opposite

they compare
hip flasks

only after


old wise man with beard
guides path patiently

menial help
with wisdom

tarzans jungle call
in cement landscape

venue always has room
for delta 1s 
chopper rough landing

a laughing kookaburra

nuclear bomb
under waves

detonates with
only wind


credits bring foreboding

i become bereft
on the sofa


we deserve a better song

but get
universal telephone ring

superhero landing

reaction shots
a shout- SHIT
on every 
traffic corner

Screenshots | PLEX for LG Home Theater



sequels hold 
inevitable disconnect

eg- die hard 2
is set in a world
where die hard
was never made

who wants to live there ?

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