Friday, 28 July 2017


 ' . . . also i realised since i been ill i been getting into watches, nothing expensive, i'm poor as the proverbial.  i not bothered wearing one regularly for many years but i was thinking this renewed interest might be because of being ill, my relationship with time has changed, lots of it but too ill to make use of it.  don't mean to be morbid about it but wearing a watch again seems like  an acknowledgement of this, am i making sense ? . . . and wind up ones, i like the tactile feel, we're loosing the tactile feel in this touch screen age . . .  also i like old dial telephones, you remember old dial telephones . . . ' 

 from the tapes of Farley Monroe Jr 
 in therapy with Dr Luke Rhinehart III 

pic by mango-tango monkey-pyjamas 

           i not worn a watch
            for yeers

              now i got a drawerful

           ebays wunderful

             time caught
              ina machine

          our flesh&bone

           like a dreemcatcher
          is more about acknowledging
                p o w e r

             of dreems
           than catching them
           watch is a nod

         e n d l e s s m a r c h

              that we feel
            plastic ruler
                when its
            ball of wool

         and i like the way
              theres a second hand


            forever onward & scare-reminding

                  strapped onto

pic by mango-tango monkey-pyjamas

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