Monday, 24 April 2017


     danger strapped  in metal mules
  lame creeping  cripple crawling  in petrol clogs
    on a ten lane black top  of trodden tar 
       in a  sluggish gutter 
         an  aimless breakwater eb
      jammed  only floating forward
        like the  woolwich ferry
     in a panic heavy  thick syrup  dream

      unclean ungreen  road grime buffed
       and waxed  into a  weekend watery sheen
     in legion  and dementia
         cookie cutter  copycat hatchbacks
        drive into dusks  polluted magenta

           counting  heart attacks
             and euphemisms
            like a  golf score
       everyone  hopefully broadcasting
        like a plea  like a converts prayer
         that they have  a baby on board
                 or a  dog
   or a  limited edition  bobble head  darth vader

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