Friday, 3 February 2017


but what does a vote mean these weird days ?
i vote in a school hall  
it is never busy
i feel like i been good

it does not seem connected to anything else

put a £ on it like everything else  
then we might know  might we ?

i miss legos clear and clean lines
theyre blocks of colour and order

yes what does a vote mean these weird days ?
a paper formality for the next boss

i jump thru this hoop  i tick uselessly now  hopelessly now  
before i would always draw a boat on the ballot

dont ask me why
maybe i will go back to drawing a boat
the ticks made no difference did they ?

the world is complicated and simple  like a sandwich can be
the world is big and small  like the interweb looks

i miss legos clear and clean lines
all the yellow faces always smiled

yes a paperwork formality  
i have never felt anywhere near adequately represented
where are the stipends for poor artists ?
where are the street party budgets ?
when is my turn as judge ?
where are all the benches ?

yes thats the best policies i got right now
oh and lego day
yes lego day

we vote dont we ?
some dont  i dont mind that anymore

we get a gluten free boss now  
we get a paleo boss now
we get a bogof boss
we get an hd boss only on sky atlantic
we get jargon  we get slogans

we get a talentless talent show without many rules

we went and ticked  we go and get fucked
dont make jokes  or thats tomorrows facts

i miss legos clear and clean lines
the roads were clean  everyone had a home

so these bosses they always hate foxes
theyre just a jiggling meat puppet anyway
a lightening rod  reformed ham for the tv

the real power is always behind the chair
it normally looks like a big sack of shit 

i miss legos clear and clean lines
lego went where i put it  stayed there  liked it 

politicians say now 

 'that what we are doing 
  we are doing 
  because we think its the right thing to do'

is that no longer a given ?  double duh
is it counterproductive to say fuckheads and go look at a tree ? 

i miss legos clear and clean lines
the blocks fit on the blocks

papers used to be grateful if a politician talked to them
now politicians rush policy for the 6 o clock news

there was a day in the 30s when there was no news
on this day the bbc played some music

fucking wow

they were right  all those nay sayers  totally right about 247 news

no news ?  fucking wow  

just like legos clear and clean lines


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