Saturday, 31 December 2016


six green parakeets appeared on the bare bones of the apple tree.
the apple tree sits to the south outside the kitchen window. 
they arranged themselves in the west branches. 
in the east branches are small nameless brown birds. 
wow - what a day !

in the same moment as the parakeets fly away the toaster shorts out the house into dull silence.
its the sandwich bags again.  
cheese and ham bagels this time.
what a day !

in haste i hurry to look for the parakeets out the front window to the north.
i see only three magpies on the roof opposite.
i click the power back on up in the hallway box and finish the bagels under the grill.
fetching my finished bagels into the living room i knock over a weeks worth of evening pills. 
what a day !

earlier in the week i found an envelope that i had written 'envelope' on.
eating bagels i wonder about my thinking behind that.  
inside is the foreign language page of a DWP notification.

the doorbell rings.
its too loud and makes me jump still after ten whole years.
the courier remembers my name from back when he delivered into the hospital and i would sign his machine there.
its an ebay auction win and delivered by amazon altho he is DPD.
i google this anomaly and find it is common.
who knew ?

i dont smoke now.
i puff on some kind of electric pipe.
conceivably i may now live forever.
i puff on it now post bagel.
i notice my sense of smell is slowly returning.
i dont know what i think about that. 
all the smells i smell now are reminding me of my nans cooking.
she hasnt cooked tho for many years.

she nodded off one last time in front of daytime tv.
she was 101 and 7 months old.
fish shops.
fried skate.
ice magic.
coppermill lane E17.

i remember last nights dream.
i was a child.
it was black and white.

also iphone 4 accessories are almost free now.
heavily discounted if you need anything.

so i open my ebay package.
its a refurbished mechanical luch watch.
made in belarus.
it has only one long hour hand.
time can be simple that way.
it was delivered by amazon.
i have covered that already.

winding it i feel grounded.
left to my own faint devices i wind it the wrong way.
my wife-elect corrects me.
she is always right.
thats just fact.
altho this fact gains prominence thru my excessive inaccuracies.

its like i want to wind back this year.
retreat this year.
relax in last januarys relative innocence.

later i travel by parent carriage to the drs with no real hope of being mended.
at the weekend i will buy books in charity shops.
like i need anymore !

i now have four typers.

these days before xmas used to hold a residual anxiety.
they always seemed emptier because of the pressure to fill them.
it always went all black.

now i say i am in xmas rehab and my methadone is sweet enough.

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