Friday, 13 May 2016


All The Meats; A Snapshot (of meat)

animals are meat duh
pigs are running pork ( of beef )
we are meat
you are meat out in your walking clothes
dolphins and nobel prize winners
and cannibals are meat
like the long pig they eat
cheese is meat and steel is tbone
milk is meat like white chocolate is meat
fruit and crisps and veg are meat
cock and cunt and thighs are meat
a-holes are lamb chop
my thoughts are meat weeping plasma
trees standing of wood are meat
bark is fine sliced aged beef
cars are meat
any machines but hairdryers are spam
hairdryers are meatcake
music is meat except jazz - it’s a salad ( of meats )
rocks are seameat and booze is meat
whisky is the meatiest
pills are meat and cocaine is meat
glass is looking-meat
movies are meat
diet is meat
you are meat here on my bear paw
meat is meat and pork is pig meat
lambs are sweet tottering meat
death is meat and life is meat
funerals are sad meat
legs are functioning meat and brain is diced beef
wired with electricity
electricity is a mixed grill
ink and books
ghosts and dragons are all meat
feet are plates of meat 
and the night is meat - black steak of stars
stars are anchovies
babies are meat of sweaty union
sweat is red plasma
tanks are hungry meat eating meat on the meaty front line
war is meat and so is any glory
dictionaries are meat and so are the fifties
all decades are meat
time is meat
bottles on my desk and the iron in my shins
the funk and the dials
ALL meat
air is meat diced sooooo thin its clear
wild turkeys are walking meat
cigarettes are meat and pencils have porky lead
pomes are meat
reality sandwiches layered with flesh
reading is meat
beds and hugs
and laughter are all porky meat
work is meat and rest is still meat
sitting after cooking
creation is of meat
destruction is of meat
solpadiene is meat
dirt on the land of earth is meat
cattle are beef meat duh
fiestas are meat the car and the party
talk and lunch are meat naked or shrouded in cheese
cheese is still meat
streets are sold meat living
this desk and all evil are meat
angels are white meat
Eeports and bombs
diaries and change
fivers and twenties - meat !
dogs and fierey chariots
petrol and diesel
deception and denial - guess what ? meat !
plastic is cheap meat
with a hidden cost
and mail and all parcels too
running is meat and standing
waiting is meat and trainers on feet
dinner is meat
gold is meat and love is The Meat
fear is awful meat like off chicken stinking in the fridge
and tears are weeeping animals
jeans and jumpers and wool are spun fashion meats
veg is meat and vegans are towers of farting meat
lager is meat
fucking is meat moving
stalkers are meat and murderers are 100% blood sausage
bad news is meat and good news is meat too
any news is meat
headlines are beefy and the weather is pork
sport is reformed ham all wet in a tin
chops are meat duh
butchers are meat butchering meat
charity is poor meat
corporations are out of control meat buffets
government is rotting meat with tumors 
fire is phantoms of meat gone
whales and the oceans - meat and sauce
with animal derivatives 
mutton is retired meat
buttons are delicate meat in miniature 
gloves and hats - meat wrapped round meat
vegas is one of the meatiest 
and chain-pubs are steroid chickens
offys late at night are rushed meat
cheques are meat
all money is meat in all its porky forms
rambo was revenge meat and die hard was resilient meat
dracula and infantry - meat
dens are meat
and houses and halls
parties and walking
spirits and embers
forests and glades - all meat
loss is gone meat and dissapointment is the wrong meat
hexagons and maths
engines and encyclopeadias
exhaust - all meat
lego is toy meat pretending
memories are carefully selected sweet soft meat 
computers and the hinterweb
the wind - all meat and all porky
sandwiches are meat towers salted
the joker
royalty and criminals - meat
the universe is of meat
your children are meat and the meat they eat
trains are meat
wishes are kobe beef massaged and happy
markets all markets are meat
the dead in the cold rooms drawers - meat
the old the young
the foundering in the middle - meat
the sky is beautiful meat epically marbled 
offal and the masses - both meat
life is a sheen of chicken skin
the bad places you take yourself
the shops you search
all meaty
and too are these clawless paws i tap with
mountains are meat
joy is of course meaty
ambition is lamb
hope is fried chicken
media is bleeding carion
children are veal
hedges and the lights that are mine alone are sirloin
flowers budding chicken nuggets
shoes are sausage
meat is ham
so much ham
ham is honey roasted
cooling rods are frankfurters 
spam is fiture meat
corned beef is tasy meat
meatballs are fatty machina
valves are beef hearts
voodoo is bush meat
remote drones are skymeat
CIA is burger meat
your heart full or torn is beefy meat
cows and sheep are sandwiches
and meat is flesh
and flesh is naked
and naked is truth


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