Wednesday, 2 September 2015



Batman lives in the darkness
afraid to step into the light
where no one can tell
if he is black or white
and it doesn’t matter
in the artificial light,
light up light up Batman
as if you have a choice

the Invisible Man
with the transparent eyes
cries out ‘Didn’t you know,
its gonna make me go blind?’
and Maximus lights a candle
for the Macabee children
and cries out
‘Rome is the light’


the Human Torch
is afraid to make hay
while the sun shines
so reads the Neon Bible
to the Men in Black
standing in the shadows
with Mick Jaggers mother
while the sun always shines on TV

the Sun King lights a candle
instead of shouting helpless
at nights Dark Materials
and in the Towers of the Sunset
the Saints of the Shadow Bible
tell the Robots of Dawn
‘If you feel you cant go on,
in the light you will find the road’

there is nothing new under the sun
and all is good under the sun
that shines on the bride
with the crayon eyes
waiting for Frankensteins monster
alive from lightning and sparks
bronzed from Athenas atom tan
and the terror of the scientific sun

Icarus got a green light 
to the dark side of the moon
and Daedalus burns a red LED
in the heart of darkness,
moonlighting from invention
laying fibre-optic cable
under Sunset Boulevard

Lestat pulls the blinds
against the Empire of the Sun
where the sun never sets
and even the dark continent
has a light that always burns
and northern lights illuminate a sodium sign
saying ‘welcome to the heartlight,
no time for tears of the sun’

Dave Angel stands in a moonlight shadow
with a glowing friend
in an electrical well
always watching over him
lighting a candle in the window for him,
lives in the outlet by the light switch,
his name is blue canary
one note spelled l-i-t-e

Apollo shoots speed and kills light
at Calcuttas Black Hole UV BBQ
and we must run thru the light of day
and run to the light of night
before seven days in the sun
tickles us down to our toes
then yes, we will begin to see the light
and like Hellboy, avoid a crown of flames

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